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Inbound Marketing

It is the way to turn strangers into customers and ambassadors of your brand. It is a methodology to attract opportunities, creating valuable content and unique experiences tailored to your business.

Paid Advertising SMM

We understand the importance and difficulties that our clients may face when considering the idea of an Ad campaign. CreativaiMedia offers you expertise and professionalism to make these initiatives a success from start to finish.

Web & Brand design

Positioning a brand is now a necessity; with more connected users, online recommendations, and globalization of information. Being present on the internet with a clear and consistent image becomes more relevant. Allow us to support you in this endeavor.

Marketing has transformed

Marketing Digital

Digital marketing based on inbound marketing allows for a more efficient and productive investment compared to traditional marketing.

Worldwide Social Media Population
Target 49%
Massive Email Discard Rate without Strategy
Efford 95%
Increase in Generated Leads vs Traditional Marketing
Pipeline 30%
Savings in Investment vs Traditional Marketing
Scalability 62%

Inbound Marketing

With the goal of attracting customers, Inbound Marketing utilizes techniques supported by the digital era to satisfy both customers and businesses. Value-added information, as well as differentiation and personalized attention, position Inbound Marketing as an effective strategy when it comes to positioning brands and services on the internet.


It covers the set of actions aimed at improving the positioning of a website in the search engine results of Google, Bing, and other internet search engines.


Regular social media posts attracting the attention of customers and users. A dedicated team consisting of a Community Manager, Graphic Designer, and Social Manager work together in this stage.


Creation of campaigns for sending mass emails aligned with best practices of Email Marketing, as well as the delivery and interpretation of result reports.


Generation of articles with original, useful, and interesting content on topics related to the benefits offered by the company's services, aiming to attract visitors to the website.

Web presence

Your web presence has also transformed, with one-page websites that are simple and dynamic, sustaining the brand’s presence continuously and evolving towards new methodologies and tools such as mobile applications, PWAs, and custom developments.

Website design

Tailored software

Apps IOS & Android development

Progressive WEB Apps  (PWA)


It closes the buyer’s cycle and generates sales opportunities through phone channels for various types of products across the continent, using automated management tools to enhance efficiency.

Contact Center telemarketing

More than customers, they are our business allies...

With a wide geographical reach: USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, and Venezuela.

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We accompany and advise you in this process of Digital Transformation.

Because every business has specific resources, needs, and goals that should be taken into account in a digital marketing proposal.

Technological Allies

We live in a collaborative and adaptive world, which is why we work together with strategic Technological Allies that allow us to offer you the best of Technology adapted to your business.

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Who we are

We are a team of professionals with comprehensive training in the sectors of Marketing, Technology, Sales, and Graphic Design, with over 20 years of experience. We are dedicated to providing our clients with Digital Marketing solutions with reach throughout the American continent.

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